Dance trip to Newline – Newcastle

It’s been a fully packed month with dancing almost every weekend!
The weekend before this event I visited my good friend Emma Ruhnau in Germany and celebrated her birthday (although it was a bit late, but hey-ho, it’s a party)!
The rest of September have been full of dancing and more dancing.

Now to continue about the Newline event in Newcastle.
Let’s say the trip didn’t go as smoothly as it could’ve.. Me and my travel buddy Louise immediately ran into issues when we were supposed to catch a connecting flight in London. Unfortunately we were delayed and had to be re-booked to a flight the morning after, since the other flights that very evening apparently were full.

We ended up getting a fully paid hotel room, dinner and breakfast and then off to Newcastle in the morning. Not too shabby, but we would’ve liked to be part of the Thursday party!

On the Friday I taught my new dance, Pretty Much Samba (will be released very soon), where the feedback I got was amazing. I thank everyone who attended my workshop and the ones who continued to dance it throughout the weekend. Thank you so much for your support!

The rest of the weekend was just mental! I loved every second of it. I got to know new people, meet already known friends and have many interesting and fulfilling conversations about anything and everything, love it!

Many good dances were taught here as well as in Denmark, and fortunately enough I already knew quite a few of them already, phew… There were so many phrased dances, I think I counted 8 out of 12, that’s so crazy haha! Newline, you rock.

With all this said, I’m now going to prepare for moving my things to my brand new apartment! Everything’s going on Saturday so it will be a long but necessary weekend. Have a great week everyone! 🙂

Dance trip to Danish Dance Event

It was time again for another trip!
After a few fun-filled days at the Danish Dance Event in Vejen I’ve now managed to get my feet back on the ground. What a weekend!

The week didn’t start as good though, as I managed to get ill with a stomach bug of some sort. It fortunately cleared just before the event to Vejen, but I was worried for a split second.

Danish Dance Event was crazy! Lots of amazing workshops, tonnes of dancing, partying and playing lots of table tennis. I wish we could repeat the weekend one more time…

After this event it’s time to relax a bit, but definitely looking forward to my dance trip to the Newline event in Newcastle in a couple of weeks. It will also be a blast, where I’ve been asked to have a guest teach! I’m longing for the weekend, can it happen now?!

Dance trip to Berlin

After quite a fun-filled trip to Blackpool and World Dance Masters I, after a few weeks, visited Berlin at Kathrin and Gernot Seibands event with Jose Miguel Belloque Vane. I was asked to teach my winning dance Funky Hipcats and the dancers seemed to have plenty of fun with it!

2 joyful days went by too quickly and on the Sunday it was time to go home. Or so I thought..
I had accidentally booked my flight home on the Monday instead of Sunday and had to stay a night extra in Berlin. Needless to say I still had a great time as they’re absolute lovely people!

Definitely looking forward to go back to Germany again in May next year (or perhaps sooner than that). This time I will be visiting Munich with The Munich LADS. Will be amazing!