Welcome to my website!

You may wonder who I am?
My name is Åstmar, Adam Åstmar (cue secret agent music)!

I’ve been an active choreographer since 2015 and started as an instructor in 2016.
Since then I’ve tried quite a few things!
I organized my own events and also DJ:ing since 2018 up until 2023 where I decided to focus fully on being an instructor and choreographer.

The last few years I’ve been around a bit everywhere and exploring the world of Linedance! From local events in Sweden, to teaching in France, Britain and also USA. The latest and one of the greatest achievements I’ve made was definitely winning the choreography competition at WDM 2023.
That was purely amazing!

Have a look around on my website, you will find all my dances, see what I’m up to in my calendar, check news and updates of what’s going on in my life and also the possibility to contact me!

Watch my latest video below!

Latest dances

Escaping Myself

(March 2024)
Made by: Malene Jakobsen (DK), Adam Åstmar (SE), Michael Lynn (UK)
Phrased Low Advanced
32 counts
2 walls

It's Getting Hot

(February 2023)
Made by: Adam Åstmar (SE)
Phrased Advanced
80 counts
2 walls


(December 2023)
Made by: Malene Jakobsen (DK), Adam Åstmar (SE)
High Intermediate
32 counts
2 walls