Who am I?

My name is Adam Åstmar (or Astmar for international spelling).
I was born 1996 and raised in Sweden nearby a small town called Värnamo in the more southern parts of the country.

When growing up I didn’t quite feel like dancing was my thing and I was quick to dismiss the thoughts of it.
But in the year of 2010 me and my family moved to a new town where a new Line dance club was founded by my mother and step-father. That’s where they asked if I wanted to try it out. And so I did!

What happened after that?

Shortly after I started, I continued in another club that later became my home-club for many years. I became hooked by it and kept on dancing! After a few years I wanted to try out choreographing my own dances, and so I started to actively choreograph back in 2015. Shortly after that I also got interested in trying out being an instructor. So in 2016 I actually started as one of my home-club’s instructors and continued with that for a few years.

I went to instructor classes issued by Niels Poulsen and learned the ways of teaching as good and instructable as possible. I still have lots to learn but I definitely don’t regret learning what I got to know from those classes!

What's going on nowadays?

The last few years I’ve been hosting my own events and also DJ quite a few events as well. I did in the beginning of 2023 make a decision to quit as a DJ and also my events to fully focus on my work as an instructor and choreographer.

Doing some of my biggest hits together with the wonderful and talented Malene Jakobsen such as Shubidu, Diggy Dee, Tears Hit The Ground and Party Shake, I’ve also done a few of my own that has established themselves!
These are dances like Shadow Ends, Reaching For The Stars, Burning Waltz, The Banana Dance (CBA Nomination in the Absolute Beginner category 2021) and Funky Hipcats (Winner of the Overall Non-Country Choreography Competition at WDM 2023).

Without all of the support I’ve gotten through the years, I don’t know where I’d be today. Thank you all who have believed in me and still do! Also a big thank you for reading this far. 🙂